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Christmas Letter (Rev. Donna Wilson)

Dec 25, 2013

It is somewhat surprising that in our day and age of instant “everything” that we still take in this story of Christ’s birth and still marvel at the awe of it. I suppose there is no birth of any child anywhere in this sad and dark world that is not greeted with this same sense of miracle. Whether in a hut in some far off land, or in a high rise in some glorious city, a baby’s birth is something that reduces the most cynical of us to a blubbering mess. We might wonder at that but I think it is because in a new baby we see innocence and the possibility and hope for what might just be.

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Preservation of Third Avenue United Church Ensured with Completion of Sale

Nov 21st, 2013

Third Avenue United Church is pleased to announce that the sale of its building has now been completed to the Orr Group. As a result, the Saskatoon landmark will be preserved for a second century and beyond and the congregation will remain in the building under a generous lease arrangement and continue its ministry uninterrupted. Indeed, a full schedule of Advent and Christmas events is planned, starting next week, with many favourite performances and worship services.

Meanwhile, as part of its “visioning exercise” the congregation’s Board is preparing a new 5-year plan for its ministry that includes exploring projects in the community to share some of the sale proceeds.

While the sale of the building means that things may change on how the building is used other than for church services, we expect this will be gradual. Signage will remain and worship will carry on as usual. In any event, concerts will continue to be held in the building and its role as a performing arts venue preserved.

The public is invited to keep track of congregational announcements on our website at http://www.thirdavenueunitedchurch.org/.

For his part, John Orr says he’s very pleased with the completion of the sale to the Orr Group. “We’re happy to be able to preserve the building and provide the Third Avenue United Church congregation with stability. We also look forward to working with the Saskatoon Arts Community as we develop plans to continue to use Third Avenue United Church as a space for performing arts events such as the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra concert scheduled for the church this weekend.”

Contact Information
TAUC – Peter Barnacle, Chair of the Board, 306-281-3180
Orr Group – John Orr, 306-522-4677